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Doctor Ernest Everett Just 1883-1941

Ernest Just was a noted researcher in cell biology


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Ernest Just of was a zoologist, biologist, and research scientist in the field of physical chemistry.

Noted Research - Ernest Just

Ernest Just's research made advancements in the following areas:
  • egg fertilization
  • experimental parthenogenesis
  • hydration
  • cell division
  • dehydration in living cells
  • the effects of ultraviolet rays in increasing chromosome numbers in animals
  • the effects of ultraviolet rays in altering the organization of the egg with reference to polarity

Background - Ernest Just

Ernest Just, the son of a dock builder and a teacher was born in Charleston, South Carolina. In 1907, Just graduated from Dartmouth at the top of his class with a degree in zoology and later became the head of the Department of Zoology at Howard University.

Ernest Just produced ground-breaking research in cell biology at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, Just worked at the Institution only during the summers. Despite his part-time appointment, Ernest Just published over seventy scientific papers.

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