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What Is The Fee For Filing A Trademark Application? Other Possible Fees?


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Question: What Is The Fee For Filing A Trademark Application? Other Possible Fees?

Fees For Filing A Trademark Application

The fee for filing a trademark application depends on how you register and how many classes of goods or services you are claiming. If you do not pay the minimum amount (usually for one claim) your trademark application will be denied a filing date and returned to you.

As of this writing: the filing fees for a trademark application are as follows:

  • $275 per class for a TEAS Plus application that meets the requirements of 37 C.F.R. §§2.22 and 2.23
  • $325 per class for an application filed electronically using the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)
  • $375 per class for an application filed on paper
These fees will be charged not only when a new trademark application is filed, but also when payments are made to add classes to an existing application. If your trademark application is filed based on a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce, additional forms and filing will be required at a later time.

Making Fee Payments

You can pay fees using a credit card, existing USPTO deposit account, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) if you use TEAS.

If you file on paper, checks or money orders should be made payable to the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and mailed to:

Commissioner for Trademarks
P.O. Box 1451
Alexandria, Virginia 22313-1451

Fees are subject to change and should therefore be verified before submission to the USPTO.

Check the current fee schedule.


A filing fee will be returned if the trademark application was submitted without the minimum requirements and was denied a filing date. Once the trademark application receives a filing date, the filing fee will not be returned.

Money paid by mistake or in excess (that is, paid when not required, or not required in the amount paid) may be refunded. All requests for refunds should be referred to the Finance Office, or the Examining Attorney assigned.

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