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More History of Inventions

Additional databases, history, and specialized information on different types of famous inventions.
  1. Inventions A to Z Listings (973)
  2. Invention Timelines

Famous Inventions The A To Z List
From air conditioner to zipper, sites listed alphabetically by the name of the famous invention. Use top index bar to navigate and select. The largest and most complete index on this website.

Ask An Expert - Who Invented...?
The trivia answers to who invented which famous invention

Trivia Answers - Invention History
Archives of selected answers - the history of famous inventors and inventions.

National Hall of Fame
National Inventors Hall of Fame Index, a long list of with a history of each invention and inventor, pictures and patent numbers.

Invention Dimension
Weekly archive provide a great history resource.

Ideafinder - History Facts
Short, interesting stories surrounding the history of over sixty different everyday inventions, e.g christmas lights, pez candy, paper towels and tupperware.

The Smithsonian: American Inventors and Inventions
The Smithsonian preserves thousands of the patent models that inventors were required to submit with patent applications before 1880.

The American Experience
Short essays on several innovations: the can opener, blue jeans, frisbee, feather duster, gas mask, blood bank and oil burner.

Drug Infonet - Drug History
Find out the history behind any common medical drug, by generic name, latin name or manufacturer.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
Profiles of the twenty greatest technological achievements in the history of the 20th Century.

Chemical History
Explore the history and innovations surrounding chemistry.

What is Your Favorite Invention?
Well what do you think was the greatest invention of all time?

Emergency Preparedness
With today's climate changes and demands on the power grid, black outs, a disruptions to our supply of electrical power are a real possibility. Learn how to prepare for a blackout and a little bit of amusing history behind the inventions you'll need in the dark.

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