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Educational Books & Magazines & Gifts for Inventors

Best rated online and snail mail magazines - books on inventors and gadgets - gifts for inventors.

Self Help for Inventors
Books that take you step-by-step and let you do-it-yourself.

Gifts for Inventors - Patent Plaques
You can proudly display your invention achievements with a patent plaque with your names, details, and patent number engraved on it.

Top Gift Books for Invention Lovers
Books suitable for gadget lovers, African American history buffs, aspiring inventors, children and adults.

Top Ten Books on Car History
The history of automobiles is one topic that appeals to many different types of readers, those who love cars and those that love history. We have selected the top ten books that will satisfy both types.

Top Books on the History of Television
Books about the complete history of television, early black and white, color, and digital systems. The evolution of television cameras, video recording and broadcast equipment and the interesting biographies about television inventors such as Farnsworth, Baird, and Zworykin.

Top Books about Bill Gates
Authorized and unauthorized books on Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman and the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

Top Science Fair Projects
Easy to use kits, books, and downloads for building science fair projects that can be bought at a reasonable price (some under three dollars.) All come with goof proof instructions and are guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

On Her Own Ground - The Life and Times of Madam C J Walker
Biography of Madam Walker written by her great-great grandaughter.

Hero Programmers - Review of Go To by Steve Lohr
Go To - The story of the math majors bridge players engineers chess wizards scientists and iconoclasts who were the hero programmers of the software revolution.

Patent It Yourself by David Pressman
For those of you wishing to undertake the challenge to "Patent It Yourself" this is your guide and the most highly recommended book of its genre.

Before You Buy an Inventors Log Book
An inventor's log book helps you prove you were first to invent - however your log book must be of a certain type.

Start an Inventors Log Book
An inventor's log book helps you prove you were first to invent - however your log book must be of a certain type.

Patent News and SciTech Headlines
Daily updated science & IP news brought straight to your desktop. Included in our news section will be headlines from: CNN SciTech News - ABCNews Technology, Science & Business - Intellectual Property Daily News - Derwent Patent News - Edupage.

America's Inventor
Free online edition.

Inventor's Digest
Requires a subscription, a well-rated and respected digest.

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