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Websites illustrating inventions made by kids.
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Kid Inventor - KK Gregory and Wristies
KK Gregory is the ten year old kid inventor of Wristies.

Cheap to Buy, Saves the Planet, Invented by a Teen
Param Jaggi, a 17-year-old high school senior spent three years and came up with a device that cheaply converts an automobile's carbon dioxide emissions (think global warming and go boo) into oxygen (now go hurrah).

Six-Year Old Invents
Six-year old Peh Yong invented a cooling umbrella designed to be used in hot weather.

Robert Patch - Age Six
The amazing six-year-old inventor Robert Patch invented a toy truck.

Teen Inventor - Krysta Morlan
Krysta Morlan invented a device that relieves the irritation caused by wearing a cast - the cast cooler.

Earmuffs - Invented by a Teenager
Chester Greenwood was born in Farmington, Maine in 1858. A grammar school dropout, he invented earmuffs at the age of 15 and accumulated over 100 patents in his lifetime.

Kid Inventors - Kid Inventions
More from the minds of children - peace bombs - artificial planets - change garbage into pizza.

Kid Inventions
Kid inventions - a showcase of kid inventions. A way to stop robberies, ensure world peace and prevent pollution, on sale here!!!

Kid Inventors - 1
Safety fingerprint gun, peace chip, ocean city, cleaner-up, tree planting machine, oil-sucker-upper, universal recycling machine.

Kid Inventors - 2
The nuclear bomb shelter, the break in sensor, the dog walker, the cheater sensor, the inflatable house.

Kid Inventors - 4
Cures for alcoholism and child abuse by kids.

Kid Inventors -6
Inventions highlighted include the fred-judice, compromise o' matic, smog-no-more, and the litter patrol-caitie.

Amazing Kid Inventors
See Inventions that kids have Invented!

National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors
Archive of young inventors Inductees - the National Gallery is a museum of young American inventors whose ideas hold promise to a positive impact on society.

Jeanie Low - The Kiddie Stool
Jeanie Low of Houston, Texas recently entered high school; but she created her best known invention, the Kiddie Stool, while she was still in kindergarten.

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