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Kid Invention - Ocean City
Ocean City

Ocean City

Young Inventors on this Page
Our invention is a city on stilts that is located on the ocean. The city will be a few miles off shore. This invention will solve the problem of deforestation and over population, because it creates more space without harming the environment. The city will be accessible from the mainland by ferry, helicopters, underwater tunnels, and bridges. The city will be constructed on a large platform supported by cement pilings. Apartments, condominiums, and townhouses will be built on the foundation. For electricity, heating panels on top of the buildings will provide solar power. We are selling both houses and blueprint plans. Blueprint plans for construction of the pilings, foundations and dwellings will be available for $150.

Created by young inventors Matt Whaley, Brooks Massey, Adam Ralph, David Lafazia, Maya Constantine, Ashley Hudson, Eva Fowler, Heather O'Neal, Courtney Hughes, Beth Sandy

Laurel Middle School - Contact teacher: Regina Royer

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