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Kid Invention - Universal Re-cycling Machine
Universal Re-cycling Machine

Universal Re-cycling Machine

Eydehavn School
The Machine is fully automatic and run by a powerful computer. We guarantee top quality.

This machine can re-cycle all kids of waste. It runs on SOLAR POWER and can also use the garbage as energy. If you have toxic waste, we have developed a RE-CYCLING ROBOT to do the re-cycling work. You just put your garbage into the machine and push the ON-button, and the computer checks out what kind of garbage you just put in. Then out comes the re-cycled material - paper, chemical compounds and different metals.

We offer a 24-hour free e-mail service for our customers, and Roger is the leader of our service team.

Prize: $999.99 for the MACHINE & $499.99 for the ROBOT

The first 100 buyers will get the Robot for only $99.99, so place your order TODAY!!!

Young inventors - Eydehavn School

Contact teacher: Tor Arne Richvoldsen

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