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Kid Inventors - Wild Inventions


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Alcohol Key, Cure For Alcoholism, Drug Immunizer
Kid Inventors - Wild Inventions
The Key is an invention that will stop the amount of car accidents that happen because of drunk driving. All it does is that when you grab the key, it senses how much alcohol you have in your blood. Then when you put the key into the ignition, it will give a signal that will tell the car not to start if you have too much alcohol in your blood. If you don't have too much the car will start. In the future, I hope this will be in every car. If car companies, or you are interested it will cost $999.99

Created by Missy - Peck Place Elementary

Cure For Alcoholism - Double A (Artificial Alcohol)

This product is the new cure for Alcoholism. It contains a beverage that tastes like alcohol to satisfy a person who is addicted, while it adds a doctor's prescribed medication to stop the user's need. We will get the President of the United States' permission to use subliminal advertisement saying, "Buy Double A" over and over again. Price: 1.50 per bottle

Created by kid inventors Kerry and Andrea - Peck Place Elementary

The Drug Immunizer

This product will make a person immune to the effects of drugs. This immunization will be included with the injection of a normal vaccination. It stops common drugs such as cocaine, cigarettes, and much more. It works by making special enzymes that make a chemical reaction inside your body that will make special cells made to destroy the drug. Buy now for the same price as a normal vaccination! Only $20.95 the first 100 customers get a free subscription to "Drug Prevention" magazine. It will tell the latest breakthroughs in drug prevention.

Kid inventors - Peck Place Elementary

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