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Kid Inventions


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Kid Inventions - The Pollution Partner, Litter Vac
Kid Invention - The Pollution Partner

Kid Invention - The Pollution Partner

Jeff and Jenny
Your Friends and neighbors will thank you for this. For ONLY $17.95 plus shipping and handling you can make the air clean with: THE POLLUTION PARTNER.

The pollution partner is the way to be. It makes more oxygen for you and me!

The middle line: Works real fine. It keeps the pollution in its boundary. For only a small Fee. So buy your Pollution Partner today! Not next week or in the middle of May!

Kid Invention created by Jeff and Jenny of St. Julie Billiart, Contact teacher Jean Stringer

Kid Invention - LITTER VAC

You will never worry about litter again IF YOU BUY THE LITTER VAC.

The Litter Vacuum sucks up and cleans streets. It is made with reusable batteries so it does not pollute the earth. It is aware of its surroundings because of the video cameras onboard. It is very easy to use, you just enter the street section you want to vacuum into a remote computer that decides how many machines need to do the job. The Litter Vac begin when you program it to do so. At the end of the day the trash is taken to a recycling center.(No Photo)

Kid Invention created by Doug & Lisa of St. Julie Billiart, Contact teacher, Jean Stringer.

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