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Popular Household Items - The House That Innovation Built

The history behind everyday household items.


Popular Household Items - The House That Innovation Built

Bayer Aspirin

How many household items do we take for granted never knowing the amazing stories these objects hold? Enjoy my sampling of favorite household items. The science and history behind these familiar objects will have you wondering what amazing stories are hidding in your own households.

Gillette Safety Razor

In 1895, after several years of considering and rejecting possible inventions, Mr King Gillette had a brilliant idea while shaving one morning.

Max Factor Makeup

In 1914, Max Factor created a makeup specifically for movie-actors that unlike theatrical makeup would not crack or cake.

Aerosol Spray Cans

Spray cans were being tested as early as 1862. However, they were constructed from heavy steel and were too bulky to be commercially successful.

Need a Kleenex?

Kleenex tissue was invented as a way to remove cold cream. Early advertisements linked it to Hollywood makeup departments and included endorsements from movie stars.

Where Did Patent Medicine Come From?

The term "patent medicine" does not necessarily mean the potion is patented.

Got a Headache?

Not all medicines are of the snake oil variety. In 1897, Felix Hoffman of the Bayer company invented an improved method of synthesizing acetylsalicylic acid. In 1899, Bayer began marketing the new product as Aspirin. Bayer later lost their rights to the trademark when the term aspirin became a generic term. Today, generic aspirin can be found in nearly every household.

Time to Wash Up

Soap has always been a part of household history. The soaps used by the colonists were made by hand from potash or from pearl ash.

Tupperware Party Anyone?

Earl Tupper a New Hampshire tree surgeon and plastics innovator, began experimenting with polyethylene and named an airtight container that he invented after himself.

Protect it With Scotchgard

Patsy Sherman regarded the serendipitous discovery of Scotchgard as one of her most significant works because many experts had written that such a product was "thermodynamically impossible."

Birds Eye Frosted Foods

Clarence Birdseye found a way to flash-freeze foods. He invented frozen peas.

Make Me a Smoothie, Fred

He first achieved fame fronting the big band, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, but the invention he invented in made Waring a household name. However, it was Fred Osius invented and patented the famous Waring Blender.

Hmm, Hmm, Good - The Trademarks of Campbell's Soup

What happens when the president of a large corporation hires his own nephew?

What Do Locomotives and Jello Have in Common?

Peter Cooper

Big Things are Made in Small Packages

The history of Nabisco makers of Fig Newtons and other delights.

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