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How To Keep An Inventor's Log Book

An inventor's log book or journal helps you prove that you were first, and keeps track of the progress of your invention.

Logbook - How Do I Prove This is my Idea?
Proving the date of your invention's conception is invaluable - use a logbook.

How to Keep An Inventor's Log Book
An inventor's log book helps you prove you were first.

Before You Buy An Inventors Log Book
An inventor's log book is used to record the progress of your inventing. You should start using one the moment you think of an idea for an invention. However, your log book must be of a certain type.

Recording Your Invention
Regardless of the method of inventing used, detailed records of concepts, test results, and other information related to making invention should be maintained.

The "First-to-Invent" Patent System and the Inventors Log Book
Written by Stephen Paul Gnass - The "Inventors Log Book" is a very inexpensive process, yet possibly your most valuable tool in the protection of your new idea.

Initial Low-cost Protection
Discusses several initial low-cost steps you can take to protect your ideas and inventions - including keeping a log book.

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