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The Ultimate Trivia Answers

Quickly find the trivia answers about famous inventors or inventions


Ask An Expert - Trivia Questions

Ask An Expert - Trivia Questions

Trivia 9

ear thermometer, sneakers, WD-40.

Trivia 8

heart-lung machine, Jagermeister, Sony Walkman, teddy bear, Stetson hat, stock ticker, flowbee, accounting, cracker jack, green plastic garbage/trash bag, coronary stent, Baby on Board, champagne, waffle iron, hydraulic jack, foam ear plugs,pneumatic hammer, barbecue, Lord William Thomson Kelvin.

Trivia 7

flip-flops, chuckwagon, barbeque, periodic table, cruise control, french dip sandwich, polystyrene, wooden pegs, surround sound, rubbing alcohol, mail order catalog, exhaust fan, legal pads, charcoal briquette, liquid soap, Cabbage Patch Kids, Chap Stick, synthetic hair dye, sunscreen, windsurfer, S.O.S pads, chain saw, surnames, taximeter, pinball.

Trivia 6

metal lathe, Graham Crackers, combination lock, universal joint, necktie, electroscope, cotton swabs or Q-Tips®, most prolific inventor, fiber tip pen, Black Box flight recorder, Pillsbury Doughboy, sliding automatic door, Magic Lantern, comic books, astroturf, solar cell, dry ice, My Little Pony, Laufmaschine, panty hose, grenade.

Trivia 5

flashlight powder, Mickey Mouse, World Wide Web, spandex, swimming pools, electric arc welder, scooters, Gummi worms, sonar, Pokémon cards, smoke detector, dryers, Hi-Fi, propelling steam vessels, ATM, tennis, algebra, magnetron, dental braces.

Trivia 4

bunsen burner, water clocks, bingo, tow trucks, styrofoam, GORE-TEX®, coat hanger, prosthesis, hula hoop, aerosol hair spray, Australian inventions, bell, globe, microphone, Ditch Witch, lie detector, Venetian blinds, disposable camera.

Trivia 3

double entry accounting, closed captioning, roulette machine,Thomas Jefferson's inventions, modern fluorescent lamp, maglev, freeze-drying foods, jacuzzi, seismograph, global positioning system or GPS, lunchbox, cheesecake, beverage crystals, vending machines, artificial horizon or attitude indicator, modern suspenders, washing machine, freon, Chia Pet®, DVD, easel.

Trivia 2

touchscreen,the round thing in the pizza box, ballistic missile, Saran Wrap®, ice skates, snowmaking machine, yellow pages, hacky sack, asphalt, particle accelerator, fork, snowblower, credit card, aluminum foil, corn flakes, Kitty Litter®, teletypesetter, two-way mirror, Bourdon tube pressure gauge, seaplane, gram stain, computer delete function, computer keyboard, diving suit, mechanical eggbeater, water heater, Rumford fireplace, wallpaper, padlock, railway-crossing gate, O-Ring, automatic sprinkler system, bingo, water-skiing, iron lung, java, mobile homes, cigarette lighters, horseshoe, spork, cotton candy, nasal spray, disposable diaper, bidet, cheese in a can, sandwich.

Trivia 1

blender, pager, thermometer, pneumatic tube, skiing, perfume, carbon paper, cash register, metal detector, Kool-Aid®, touch tone, holography, waterbed, solar battery, air bags, BASIC, barometer, bar code, seatbelts, parachute, bra, drinking straw, VTR, remote control, paper towel, hair gel, tupperware, revolver, scrub board, fax, RADAR, potato chips, ironing board, the first recording of a human voice, typewriter ribbon, bikini, tin can, steamship, ice cream, xerox, Phillips head screw, venetian blinds, dishwasher, swivel chair, stethoscope, revolving door, stapler, Weber Kettle Grill, sleeping car, camera, razor, radio, car, baby carriage, teabag.
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