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Patent Drawings - Drawings for Applications

The correct patent drawing requirements.

Making Patent Drawings for a Utility Patent Application
When you submit a patent application you must provide patent drawings illustrating your invention whenever patent drawings are required to understand the invention. The majority of applications will require patent drawings.

Helpful Tips on Patent Drawings
Tips on making patent drawings correctly.

Drawing Standards - The Rules for Patent Drawings
Patent drawings rules reference material - prepare your drawing sheet correctly and according to legal standards.

Examples of Patent Drawings
Examples of Patent Drawings

Design Patents - Shading For Drawings
Two types of shading are commonly employed in design patent application drawings.

Design Patents - Drawing Views
The drawings or photographs should contain a sufficient number of views to completely disclose the appearance of the claimed design.

Drawing Transparent Materials

Drawing Broken Line Disclosures

Symbols for Draftsmen
Graphical symbols for conventional elements may be used on the drawing when appropriate.

Gallery - Patent Drawings for Collapsible Tent
The patent drawings for an improved collapsible tent

Gallery - Patent Drawings for a Separable Electrical Connector
The patent drawings for a separable electrical connector

Drawing Examples
Examples of patent drawings.

Drawing Examples 2
Examples of patent drawings.

Drawing Examples 3
Examples of patent drawings.

File a Patent Application Electronically
Use EFS, the USPTO's electronic filing system for patent applications, to submit Utility patent applications, Provisional applications, electronic information disclosure statements (eIDS), patent assignments, computer readable format (CRF) biosequencelistings, and pre-grant publication submissions to the USPTO via the Internet.

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