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Basic and advanced information for filing a utilty, design, or plant patent application - find an attorney or agent - drawings - searches - translations - provisional and non-provisional - USPTO and international offices.
  1. Different Types of Patents (44)
  2. How to Apply for a Patent (50)
  3. Patent Searches
  4. First to File Rule (4)
  5. Legal Issues & Treaties (46)
  6. USPTO & International IP (8)
  7. Don't Want to Patent (6)

Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to basic questions about patents and patenting.

Patents and Inventions
The part of intellectual property law that protects inventions are patents.

Guide to Patents and Patent Applications
What can be patented and who may apply. What you will find in a patent application: the specifications, drawings and models needed. The examination of applications and proceedings in the Patent Office. What are rights, assignments, markings, licenses and infringements.

What Does That Mean? Is My invention Patentable?
Definition of novelty, useful, nonobvious, and other conditions necessary to qualify for a patent.

What Does Patent Ownership Mean?
The nature of patents and patent rights - patent information.

Correct Use of Patent Marks and Patent Pending
How to correctly mark a patent or use patent pending

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