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Patent Application Tips

Consider this example of a Canadian patent for a collapsible tent frame.


Figure 1

Patent Drawing for Collapsible Tent

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Pages breaks are inserted to serve the different tip tutorials: writing descriptions, writing claims, and writing patent abstracts. The patent drawings for this patent are in a separate gallery. Normally the drawings and patent are kept together and the page breaks would be different.

Also, any links are there for your convenience and would never be in a written patent

Canadian Patent #2,019,415
Collapsible Tent and Frame Therefor


The invention provides an improved collapsible tent and tent frame of the umbrella type. The frame includes a plurality of legs pivoted, at the upper ends of the legs, to an upper clevis member. Each leg has pivoted thereto a radial stay member spaced downwardly from the upper end of the leg. The stay member extends inwardly of the tent to be pivoted to a lower clevis. The upper clevis includes a central downwardly opening recess and the lower clevis has fixed thereto an upperwardly projection post or rod which is adapted to engage the upper clevis so as to stop movement of the lower clevis. Each leg comprises an elongated lower section which can be relatively stiff. The upper end of the lower section is pivoted to an upper section which is relatively flexible and resilient so that the upper portion of the legs can conform to the dome of the sheet material forming the tent cover or ceiling.
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