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Andre McCarter - Athletic Training Glove

Andre McCarter received U.S. patent #6,049,910 on 4/18/2000 for a athletic training glove

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From Andre McCarter

My name is Andre McCarter. I am a 1976 graduate of UCLA and a former basketball player at UCLA under the tutelage of legendary coach John Wooden. I was a member of the "Walton Gang" which won an unprecedented 88 straight NCAA games. I was the starting point guard on the 1975 NCAA championship team that sent their coach John Wooden out as a champion in his final game. I went on to play in the NBA and later coached on the college level at UCLA and several other schools. I patented an invention called Touch Glove that is an innovative and effective athletic training glove that can be used to improve a player's "touch" and skill level in basketball, football, rugby, water polo and any hand and ball sports that require fingertip "touch".

Patent Abstract

A training glove which degrades the athlete's sense of touch in certain areas of his hand ("no touch areas"), to thereby encourage and train the athlete to control the ball with his finger tips. The glove includes padding on the palm, the thumb and fingers, except for the thumb tip and finger tips. The padding insulates the athlete's sense of touch in the no touch areas. Because the glove is light weight and preserves the full flexibility of the hand, the glove may be worn in competition. Thus, the glove is useful both as a training device and a performance enhancement device in competition.
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