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Pumpkin Carving Kits

Carving pumpkins has long been one of the several ways to celebrate Halloween


Pumpkin Carving Kits

Pumpkin Carving Kits

USPTO Patent Drawing
Carving pumpkins has long been one of the several ways in which Halloween or Samhain has been celebrated and a variety of tools including, pocket pens and kitchen knives, have long been used to carve faces and other designs into pumpkins creating the familiar Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns.

Pumpkin Masters

However, inventors have patented dedicated tools made solely for carving. In fact, inventor John Bardeen of Denver claims that his father Paul Bardeen is behind the development of intricately carved pumpkin designs.

Both Bardeens are the inventors of dedicated pumpkin carving kits that make carving very complex designs into pumpkins a snap. Safety engineer and inventor, Paul Bardeen held carving parties in his Racine, Wisconsin, home and in the surrounding community for many years until his death in 1983. After which his family decided to turn their jack-o-lantern carving traditions into a family business with son John patenting his own pumpkin carving kit.

Pumpkin Infringement

Or rather shall we say patent infringement. John Bardeen's patented pumpkin carving kits (an improvement over his father's original design) are manufactured and sold by the family-owned company Pumpkin Masters, who have had to defend against potential infringers. Recently, the Denver based Pumpkin Masters filed a federal lawsuit against Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. stating that Omnimedia marketed and sold pumpkin carving kits that violated their patent. Pumpkin Masters have also filed patent infringement suits in the past against Kmart Corp. and Kraft General Foods Inc.

Bardeen's pumpkin carving kits include specially designed cutting tools, design templates, and an instruction booklet. The designs one can curve with these tools are very impressive. Bardeen also holds a patent for a tool to carve pumpkins - US patent #4,841,638.

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