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Postmaster Generals of the United States



Postmaster Generals of the United States
A list of United States Postmaster Generals, the names of those who appointed them, and the dates they took office. All appointments by the President were made with the advice and consent of the United States Senate. A star * indicates a carryover from the previous administration.

Continental Congress

Appointed Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin on July 26, 1775, Richard Bache on November 7, 1776, and Ebenezer Hazard on January 28, 1782

George Washington

Appointed Postmaster General Samuel Osgood on September 26, 1789, Timothy Pickering on August 12, 1791, and Joseph Habersham on February 25, 1795

John Adams

Postmaster General Joseph Habersham*

Thomas Jefferson

Postmaster General Joseph Habersham* and appointed Gideon Granger on Nov.28, 1801

James Madison

Postmaster General Gideon Granger* and appointed Return Meigs Jr. on March 17, 1814

James Monroe

Postmaster General Return Meigs Jr.* and appointed John McLean on June 26, 1823

John Quincy Adams

Postmaster General John McLean*

Andrew Jackson

Appointed Postmaster General William Barry on March 9, 1829 and Amos Kendall on May 1, 1835

Martin Van Buren

Postmaster General Amos Kendall* and appointed John Niles on May 19, 1840

William Henry Harrison

Appointed Postmaster General Francis Granger on March 6, 1841

John Tyler

Postmaster General Francis Granger and appointed Charles Wickliffe on September 13, 1841

James Polk

Appointed Postmaster General Cave Johnson on March 6, 1845

Zachary Taylor

Appointed Postmaster General Jacob Collamer on March 8, 1849

Millard Filmore

Appointed Postmaster General Nathan Hall on July 23, 1850 and Samuel Hubbard on August 31, 1852

Franklin Pierce

appointed Postmaster General James Campbell on March 7, 1853

James Buchanan

Appointed Postmaster General Aaron Brown on March 6, 1857, Joseph Holt on March 14, 1859, and Horatio King on February 12, 1861

Abraham Lincoln

Appointed Postmaster General Montgomery Blair on March 5, 1861 and William Dennison on September 24, 1864

Andrew Johnson

Postmaster General William Dennison* and appointed Alexander Randall on July 25, 1866

Ulysses Grant

Appointed Postmaster General John Creswell on March 5, 1869, James Marshall on July 3, 1874, Marshall Jewell on August 24, 1874, and James Tyner on July 12, 1876

Rutherford Hayes

Appointed Postmaster General David Key on March 12, 1877 and Horace Maynard on June 2, 1880

James Garfield

Appointed Postmaster General Thomas James on March 5, 1881

Chester Arthur

Postmaster General Thomas James* and appointed Timothy Howe on December 20, 1881, Walter Gresham on April 3, 1883, and Frank Hatton on October 14, 1884

Benjamin Harrison

Appointed Postmaster General John Wanamaker on March 5, 1889

Grover Cleveland

Appointed Postmaster General Wilson Bissell on March 6, 1893 and William Wilson on March 1, 1895

William McKinley

Appointed Postmaster General James Gary on March 5, 1897 and Charles Emory Smith on April 21, 1898
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