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Press Release

How to Write a Press Release - Invention of the First Press Release


Press Release
A press release is a written public relation announcement made to draw media attention to a specific event or product launch. A press release can be very newsworthy, however, a press release can also be total hype.

I would suggest that all inventors write a more newsworthy type of press release - and yes, facts about your life as the genius inventor are newsworthy facts.

How to Write a Press Release

Write real news not a purely promotional page. "Invest or buy this great invention" is hype. "The solar-powered mousetrap uses technology designed by NASA" is more newsworthy. Find an angle to your release that is interesting, remember, your life as an inventor can be presented in a way that adds human interest. Also, the science behind your invention will be appreciated (write so laymen can understand you). Act professional and courteous to everybody that you send your press release to and anybody that reponds to it.

The following articles have been written by my fellow About Guides, who offer expert advice about creating the perfect press release.

History - The First Press Release

On October 28, 1906, public relation expert Ivy Lee was working with the Pennsylvania Railroad, when a tragic train accident happened. Fifty passengers were killed when a three-car train of the Pennsylvania Railroad's new electric service jumped a trestle at Atlantic City, New Jersey, and plunged into the Thoroughfare creek.

Ivy Lee convinced the railroad company to release what could be considered the first press release to journalists, before any rumors were spread and reported on. Ivy Lee created a public statement about the accident, and presented it to journalists at the location of the incident. The New York Times newspaper printed the press release word-for-word on Oct. 30, 1906.

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