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Reader-Submitted Frequently Asked Questions

Previous answers to commonly asked questions about the process of inventing and patenting.

What Do Inventors Need To Know About Employment Contract Provisions?

Can I Sell a Catchy Name?

What Can You Tell Me About Prototypes?

Is My Patent Attorney Any Good?

What if My Invention Contains Their Invention?

Can an Article of Clothing be Patented?

What Does the Term "Invented an Improvement" Mean?

How Do You Read Images From the USPTO Database?

I Painted Their Invention Red - Now Can I Patent It?

What Are Multiple Dependent Patent Claims?

What is a Small Entity?

What are the Market Classes for Plants?

Are There Alternatives to Patenting?

I Have Nothing. Can Somebody Do it All for Me?

What is Patent Pending?

How Do I Submit to the Black Inventors' Database

Are There Myths About Black Inventors?

Should I Copyright or Patent a Word-Game Puzzle?

Can You Patent a Phrase?

Can Provisional Patents Be Undermined?

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