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Clip Art - Free Science Clip Art

Free science clip art to use with a science or invention theme - free clip art can be used without payment.
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National Inventors' Month® Poster
You can print this official poster and hang it up.

Trademark Office Free Posters
Color posters you can save, print out or use on your website, on this freebies page for kids created on the USPTO's website.

Bright Ideas - Clipart LightBulbs
From your About guide to Desktop Publishing -"great idea" and "lightbulb" free clipart for inventors.

New Statements Free Clipart
New, Updated and Revised as free clipart words - definately favorite words for inventors.

Chemistry Clipart - 3D Molecular Models
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a listing of images and clipart. Few of the images have descriptive names so you will have to wade thru the list - the best are the large color images of 3D rendered molecules.

Clipart - Computer Internet Icons From Graphic Kingdom
Hundreds of computer and computer/internet related small icons. Other icon sets might be useable as well.

Free Clipart - Computer Photos
The photos include old computers, the difference engine, satan inside logo, intel outside logo among other pieces of clipart.

Science Clipart - Custom Designs By Bygone Designs
Early Americana science clipart, mostly pre-1920 images and often revamped in modern design.

Noetic Art: Science Clipart By Tony Martin
My choice of science clipart images from Noetic Art are: the "Mad Scientist", the "Animated Mad Scientist" or the "Microscope Under Attack".

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