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History of the Brother Sewing Machine


+-In 1908, Kanekichi Yasui established the Yasui Sewing Machine Company for the repair of sewing machines which later was renamed the Brother Sewing Machine Company after being taken over by Kanekichi Yasui's children brothers, Masayoshi and Jitsuichi Yasui. The company was the one of the first to mass-produce sewing machines in Japan (1932). By 1954, Brother Sewing Machines were being exported to the United States and other countries, and the company expanded into the fields of knitting machines, home electric appliances, business machines, and machine tools.

In 1971, the now renamed Brother Industries launched the world's first high-speed dot-matrix printer and soon started a line of electronic typewriters.

Brother Sewing Machine vs Singer Sewing Machine

By the early 1930s, it was the American made Singer Sewing Machine that dominated the Japanese sewing machine market and not locally made machines. Jitsuichi Yasui designed a new Brother Sewing Machine with an improved shuttle hook. In 1934, Japanese Singer sewing machine salesmen went on strike that allowed for an opening in the market. The organizer of the Singer strike, a crackerjack salesman named Tosaku Yamamoto, partners with the Yasui brothers to create Nippon Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. “You make them, I’ll sell them,” he claimed referring the the Japanese made Brother Sewing Machine.

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