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Biography of Steve Russell


Steve Russell at the Computer History Museum's PDP-1.

Steve Russell at the Computer History Museum's PDP-1.

Joi Ito/Creative Commons
Steve Russell is a computer scientist who led the team that invented Spacewar in 1962, one of the first games ever written for the computer.

Steve Russell - Other Achievements

Steve Russell wrote the first two version of LISP for the IBM 704 computer. Russell conceived of universal functions that could be applied to the LISP language; by implementing the LISP universal evaluator in a lower-level language, it became possible to create the LISP interpreter (previous development work on the language had focused on compiling the language). Steve Russell invented the continuation to solve a double recursion problem for one of the users of his LISP implementation.

Steve Russell - Background

Steve Russell was educated at Dartmouth College from 1954 to 1958.
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