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October Birthdays

Inventors & Scientists with October Birthdays


October Birthday - George Westinghouse

October Birthday - George Westinghouse


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October Birthdays

What famous inventor or scientist has the same October birthday as you. The tenth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

October 1

  • 1870 - Pieter van Essen was a Dutch artillery officer and the inventor of grape-shot shells
  • 1904 - Otto Frisch was a noted Austrian physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project part of the team that built the atomic bomb.
  • 1916 - Hungarian Tibor Reich was a textile designer who designed a textile for Princess Elizabeth's wedding, and was also awarded a Design Centre Award for his photographically based Flamingo printed textile in 1957, the Award's inaugural year.
  • 1931 - Reginald Hall was a noted endocrinologist who established internationally acclaimed endocrine units in Newcastle and Cardiff, with special expertise in diseases of the thyroid and pituitary glands.

October 2

  • 1832 - Edward Burnett Tylor was an English anthropologist credited with sparking interest in anthropological science in England as a result of his research on primitive people’s mentality, in particular animism.
  • 1832 - German botanist, Julius von Sachs researched nutrition, tropism, and transpiration of water, in plant physiology.
  • 1852 - William Ramsay was a British chemist who discovered neon gas.
  • 1891 - Henry Van Arsdale Porter invented created the fan-shaped backboard used in basketball.
  • 1907 - British biochemist, Alexander Robertus researched the structure and synthesis of nucleotides, nucleosides, and nucleotide coenzymes, and won the 1957 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
  • 1907 - Lord Todd was a Scottish biochemist whose investigations of the building blocks of heredity earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1957.
  • 1914 - Jack Parsons was an American rocket scientist

October 3

  • 1803 - John Gorrie invented a cold-air process of refrigeration
  • 1844 - Patrick Manson is considered the "Father" of tropical medicine
  • 1854 - William Crawford Gorgas served as the American Surgeon-General and helped cure yellow fever
  • 1904 - Charles Pedersen was a noted British biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in 1987.

October 4

  • 1832 - William Griggs invented photo-chromo lithography

October 5

  • 1713 - Denis Diderot was a French encyclopedist who wrote the Dictionnaire Encyclopedique
  • 1864 - Louis Lumiere made the first motion picture in 1895, and invented camera equipment for making, and a projector for viewing movies
  • 1882 - Giorgio Abetti was a noted Italian astronomer who researched and wrote about solar physics

October 6

  • 1824 - Henry Chadwick was a baseball pioneer, who developed the first rule book for baseball
  • 1846 - George Westinghouse was the inventor and businessman responsible for a commercial alternating current system
  • 1866 - Reginald Fessenden was an inventor who broadcast the first program of voice and music
  • 1918 - Abraham Robinson was a noted German mathematician most widely known for development of non-standard analysis
  • 1940 - John Warnock is a noted American computer scientist best known as the co-founder with Charles Geschke of Adobe Systems Inc.

October 7

  • 1903 - Louis S B Leakey was a famous archaeologist and anthropologist who convinced other scientists that Africa was the most significant area to search for evidence of human origins.
  • 1927 - R. D. Laing was a famous Scottish psychologist who wrote extensively on mental illness and the experience of psychosis.

October 8

  • 1869 - Frank Duryea, was an inventor who made the first auto built and operated in the U.S.
  • 1917 - English biochemist, Rodney Robert Porter shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology for determining the exact chemical structure of an antibody.

October 9

  • 1873 - German physicist and astronmer Karl Schwarzschild, is best known for providing the first exact solution to the Einstein field equations of general relativity (Schwarzschild solution)

October 10

  • 1757 - Erik Acharius was a Swedish botanist called "The father of lichenology"
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