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August Birthdays

Inventors & Scientists with August Birthdays


Elisha Gray

August Birthdays - Elisha Gray


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August Birthdays

What famous inventor or scientist has the same August birthday as you. The eigth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

August 1

  • 1849 George Mercer Dawson was a famous Canadian scientist
  • 1889 John F Mahoney who developed a pencillin treatment for syphillis
  • 1936 Yves Saint Laurent is considered the greatest French fashion designer of the 20th century

August 2

  • 1834 Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was the French sculptor who patented the Statue of Liberty
  • 1835 Elisha Grey was an inventor who invented an early telephone
  • 1926 Betsy Bloomingdale founded the famous department store

August 3

  • 1959 Koichi Tanaka was a famous Japanese scientist

August 4

  • 1755 Nicolas-Jacque Conte invented the modern pencil
  • 1859 Knut Hamsun was an Norwegian writer who won the Nobel Prize in 1920

August 5

  • 1540 Joseph Justice Scaliger invented Julian dating
  • 1802 Niels H Abel was a Norwegian mathematician who invented Abel's Comparisons
  • 1904 Kenneth Thimann was a famous botanist
  • 1906 Wassely Leontief was a Russian-American economist who won the Nobel Prize in 1973

August 6

  • 1859 J Arthur S Berson was a famous Austrian meteorologist who made famous hot air balloon flights over the Amazon
  • 1867 James Loeb was a famous American businessman
  • 1908 Sol Adler famous economist who invented Sinophile

August 7

  • 1779 Carl Ritter was the cofounder of the modern science of geography
  • 1783 John Heathcoat invented lace-making machinery
  • 1870 Gustav Krupp was a famous German businessman
  • 1880 Ernst Laqueur was a famous who discovered sexual hormones
  • 1886 Louis Hazeltine was the inventor of the neutrodyne circuit that made radio possible
  • 1903 Louis Leakey was a famous anthropologist who won the 1964 Richard Hooper Medal

August 8

  • 1861 William Bateson was a famous English biologist who invented the term "genetics"
  • 1901 Ernest Lawrence was a famous scientist and inventor who invented the Cyclotron and won the Nobel Prize in 1939
  • 1902 Paul Dirac was a famous English physicist who invented quantum mechanics and won the Nobel Prize in 1933
  • 1922 Rudi Gernreich was a famous designer who invented the first women's topless swimsuit and the miniskirt
  • 1931 Roger Penrose was a famous English physicist

August 9

  • 1819 William Thomas Green Morton was a dentist that invented the used of ether in dentistry
  • 1896 Jean Piaget was a famous Swiss developmental psychologist and zoologist
  • 1897 Ralph Wyckoff was a pioneer of x-ray crystallography
  • 1911 William A Fowler was a famous astrophysicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1983
  • 1927 Marvin Minsky was a famous computer scientist at MIT who made inventions related to artifical intelligence

August 10

  • 1861 Almroth Wright was a famous English bacteriologist
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