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Trademarks protect words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services.
  1. Application & Registration (9)
  2. Trademark Search (25)
  3. Use of Symbol (4)
  4. Famous Trademarks (13)
  5. Law Statutes & Rules (6)
  6. Need To Hire A Professional (4)
  7. Domain Names (5)

FAQ About Trademarks
The answers to basic questions about trademarks.

Understanding Trademarks
A guide to trademarks that lets you understand what a trademark is and the proper use of the symbol. Learn about brand names. How a name can become generic. What the different type of marks are.

The Registered Trademark
Why should I register a trademark and how do I register a trademark? Learn about common law rights, producing drawings and specimens, application forms and registration fees.

How To Trademark Search
One purpose of a trademark search is to determine if someone has already trademarked your intended mark. Lean where to search online, use a library, search for graphics, conflicting marks, and doing a common law search.

Quick Read: How to Understand and Use Trademarks
Trademarks in nutshell - definition, registration, and use of symbol.

Understanding Trademarks for Students
Trademarks are everywhere! This basic primer on trademarks for students teaches about the presence of trademarks in everyday life.

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