1. Money

Alternatives to Patenting

"I want to make money before/without having a patent." This is a controversial issue, however, many successful inventors do follow this path. Here are few articles that support this school of thought.

Alternatives to Patenting
A reader wrote in asking, “How do inventors successfully 1) market, 2) distribute and 3) grow profit from unpatented or unpatentable ideas?”

The Most Important Key to Successful Inventing
Bob DeMatteis is a successful inventor with sales of his inventions exceeding $25 million a year to companies like Sears, Walmart and Kroeger. What Bob writes will help inspire other soon-to-be successful inventors to do as well.

The Expert's Patent Strategy
In contrast to the traditional approach, the expert and successful inventor knows that patents cost money, they don't earn money.

Why I Don't Patent
From a free energy inventor whose field of invention prohibits patenting: "I make money immediately by selling books and kits, instead of spending thousands of dollars and years of time getting a patent."

When To Patent (Or Not)
An aggresive stance that patents are unneeded.

Alternatives to Patenting
The question that started this directory.

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