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Patent for the Geodesic Dome - Photos of Buckminster Fuller's Other Inventions

Inventor Buckminster Fuller


The geodesic dome was invented in 1954 by Richard Buckminster Fuller. U.S. Pat. No. 2,682,235 was granted to Buckminster Fuller in 1954 for geodesic domes. He also received U.S. Patent 3,197,927 for an improved geodesic dome issued on August 3, 1965.
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First Geodesic DomeGeodesic Dome Patent 2,682,235 Drawing 1Geodesic Dome Patent 3197927 Drawing 1Geodesic Dome Patent 3197927 Drawing 1SPTOGeodesic Dome Patent 3197927 Drawing 2Geodesic Dome Patent 3197927 Drawing 3Geodesic Dome Patent 3197927 Drawing 3
Portrait of Buckminster FullerPortrait of Buckminster FullerBuckminster Fuller Commemorative StampBuckminster Fuller Commemorative StampDymaxion HouseBuckminster Fuller's Dymaxion HouseDymaxion CarBuckminster Fuller Dymaxion Car
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