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History of the Atomic Bomb in Photos

My God, what have we done?" - Robert Lewis co-pilot of the Enola Gay


Einstein and several other scientists told Roosevelt of efforts in Nazi Germany to purify uranium-235, which could be used to build an atomic bomb. It was shortly thereafter that the United States Government began the serious undertaking known then only as "The Manhattan Project." Simply put, the Manhattan Project was committed to expediting research that would produce a viable atomic bomb.
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the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.Nuclear Chain ReactionThe first successful test of an atomic bomb, Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945The first successful test of an atomic bombLittle Boy, the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.Little Boy - Atomic Bomb Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay" landing after the atomic bombing mission on Hiroshima, B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay
Hiroshima in ruins.Hiroshima in Ruins After Atomic BombFat Man The second nuclear weapon to be detonated.Model of Fat Man Atomic BombAtomic bomb explosion over NagasakiAtomic Bomb Explosion over Nagasaki
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