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Rudolf Gunnerman - Water Fuel

Rudolf Gunnerman invented water fuels.


Beginning in 1987, Rudolf Gunnerman researched and developed water-based fuels. Gunnerman invented a emulsifier additive that allowed for the creation of fuel mixtures of alcohol and water, gasoline and water, diesel fuel and water, and water and naphtha.

Rudolf Gunnerman trademarked his fuels under the name of A-55 Clean Fuels.

Rudolf Gunnerman

Rudolf Gunnerman is the founder, chairman, and CEO of SulphCo, Inc., a trustee of the DRI Research Foundation, and sponsor of the $25,000 Gunnerman Silver State Award for Excellence in Science and Technology. Rudolf Gunnerman has also received the Albert Einstein Gold Medal of Honor for the Advancement of Science and Technology.

According to SulphCo, Inc's Corporate Bio:
Dr. Rudolf Gunnerman, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and Director, is a 77-year-old inventor and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to developing products to help the environment and mankind. After studying mathematics and physics in Germany, he immigrated to the United States. Dr. Gunnerman has invented a series of successful technologies, including fireproof building materials and wood pellets. Thereafter, in his quest to reduce nitrous oxide, a major source of ozone depletion, Dr. Gunnerman invented A-55 Clean Fuels. Dr. Gunnerman holds three honorary doctorate degrees.

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