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Window Light Housing

Submit an Entry: Promote Your New Invention or New Idea

By Eddie Guzik

Window Light Housing

Window Light Housing

Window Light Housing

Window Light Housing

Who Are You?

I am someone who had an idea, and received numerous compliments and encouragement to market it. So I did.

At What Stage of Completion is Your Invention?

I have a prototype and a Design Patent. The patent is for 15 years. I am looking for someone to buy the Licensing. I'm not interested in mass producing myself. I just want to sell outright and make a deal for Royalties.

Lessons Learned

  • Stay away from Invention Companies promising you the world. I began with ISC Submissions, spent thousands, got nothing. There were a couple of other ones doing the same thing. Everyone wants money and promises to " Get Your Invention To Market", but all they do is take your money and continually ask for more. If your invention is that good, a good company should be happy enough to get a percentage of the profits from sales.

Are You Seeking Funding or Business Partners?

I'm seeking someone to buy the Licensing.

Who Would Want Your Invention?

Anyone that decorates their windows during any holiday.

Describe Your Invention or New Idea

It is an adjustable, plastic window frame with evenly spaced slots to put lights of choice in when decorating for holidays. Adjusts up and down and side to side.

Anything Else You Would Like To Say? Contact info?

All interested parties please contact me at: ggooz777@yahoo.com

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