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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Invention?

Responses: 54



Because without electricity most of the inventions we use today wouldn't work. P.S I'm in 4th grade
—Guest ronack


airoplane invention by pooja kaushal diss- faizabad
—Guest pooja kaushal

The Revolutionary Invention

Certainly the wheel was very important till now. generation of electricity needed even its principle to be generating ! and it was need for so many machines as well as transportations and more and more… But believe me you will find out the greatest invention ever in the European Patent Office, The Greatest Invention ever an Invention will save our Planet, and will dramatically change the life of all humanity by an alternative free green energy. Patent no. (EP1980745 for any question and details contact:(Ibrahim.h.Ibrahim@live.com)
—Guest Shoayb

Not the best, but most powerful..

God. Man created God and changed humanity for the worse. The root of all destruction is in the idea of a personal God.
—Guest David


How the god made this man with such a knowledge . I think so every man has their knowlege equally with all . But, it was based on the usage . Man is the most power full living organism than all. Even though it was invented or created by, God or Nature. " Man is like a power that can ignite Quikly.
—Guest Rama-Lemon


the whole world would stop without electricity,no internet,phones,tv,radioand a million other things you would be unable to use without electricity
—Guest pkdavies


i like it. jfijdigviodfjvouindfouinbouiednfobulnouinfb
—Guest d


the wheel do i need to say more started with man and will end with man
—Guest joe


It is all I care about other than the city that i'm from.
—Guest Drizzy Drake


i wish we didnt have anything exept medicine, i mean yeah its awsome right but were taking up to much polution with the gas and crap!
—Guest That Guy


but to me, electricity is the most important invention.
—Guest maryam

printing press

the printing press made an explosion of information; By duplicating pages thousands of times faster then the hand written page it, allowed more information to be distributed to more people. world history proves this The world technology was stagnent for thousands of years beforethe printing press, and technology exploded after the printing press. The progress the world has achieved sence would be impossible if all information had to be transfered by hand written messages.
—Guest Enoch Hickey


language has to be the greatest invention of all time. spoken then written language has changed man to the people we are today, either language or a bacon sandwich
—Guest scott ev

airplane >.

if we dont have an airplane, we cant go to the places wat we want... you can go in there, but you need to ride dizzying ship all day long...
—Guest mz.lonely


the best invention is condoms u mother fuckers or else peaople mat havr got aids
—Guest motherfucker black ops

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