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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Invention?

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i would like to invent a security camera

Because it is very useful in this our crime commiting society
—Guest miracle


i think the best invention is the security camera without it we wouldnt have been able to solve all these crimes.. for e.g the boston bombing suspect's face is clear as a picture everywhere in the world. well done humanity well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest nathan

2 I can think

These 2 have to be on the list: Spectacles - a person needing vision correction could not agree less. They are magic glasses. Airoplanes - nothing amazes more the fact that man can fly
—Guest Ashok

The reason your reading this...

Think about it, we need Internet, I think the use of Internet connection is better than any invention because we wouldn't be able to access this page for example. The reason the Internet or wireless communication was created was more for war purposes but it has became a great accessibility for us.
—Guest Ronald

you are not thinking

Guttenburgs movable type printing press has to be the absolute most important invention forever !! Without the printing press it would have taken eons to progress to someting such as harnessing hydro power, steam or electricity thus the industrial revolution ad infinitum.
—Guest charles simkovich

The plough

Without the plough man wouldn't have enough food or time on his hands to sit about and think about how to invent anything. he would either have starved or at best stayed as a hunter gatherer and lived a day to day existence just striving to get enough to eat. So not much else would have come about.Starving man = a starved brain without the energy to invent.
—Guest Rab


I think that the Naobot is the best invention ever because it helps children with autism........!!!!!!!
—Guest sassy

penicillin isn't an invention

penicillin is a discovery of a chemical compound... it's like saying carbon is the best invention. it just sounds absurd. and what about the invention of Alternating Current by nikola tesla?
—Guest Zach

wire for electricity nd signal passage

hi guys i think the basic thing for inventing all big inventions is wire ie copper or any for communication or power transfer nd hats off to the great people who invented them ,v shud also appreciate those took initiotions fr inventng bt the world is praising only one name , nt those who got the idea and failed
—Guest prem suresh @andhra india


this invention saved man's energy and time and has made life more easier n comfortable for mankind
—Guest analeigh


I would have to say penicillin As it has saved countless lives to this day who know's if it was'nt thanks to Alexander.
—Guest manesh Patel

To Moneylovers,

We do not need money. Simple trading would do the trick. In fact, our society would be much better off without it.
—Guest To Moneylovers,


Got to have glue people. i need to use 25 more characters....


I think a very important invention is the running water/plumbing system. Without it, we could not use toilets, showers,sinks,etc. as effectively.
—Guest I love horses!

Guest Tobee-Airplane

Use a ship, dude. I mean really do you think you can only use an airplane???
—Guest Elizabeth

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What is Your Favorite Invention?

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