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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About The Use of Nuclear Weapons

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i think nuclear weapons were good for wars but not against humans they should have done mor resaearch on where to nuke
—Guest cheese loaf

very bad

I believe the countries who possess there fatal bombs are the major enemies of this planet. They should be deprived of these bombs , or they should be forced to destroy them.
—Guest malik mushtaq

BAD....Albert why?

American leaderships,fear GOD o,d creator of those wu were killed.
—Guest O-GUN TIM


Using the nuclear helps to end the war, if it was not for it the war may continue and many more people may die due to the war and starvation. If japan at that time has nuclear weapon they would do the same thing. This is nature, were the strongest eats the week to survive.
—Guest Jadis


The use of nuclear weapons is inevitable now that they have been discovered plus scrap them and you will have no way ending peoples lives fast. Granted I'm English so I did not lose relatives in the Hiroshima bombing I still feel that it was a important step in American history for there won't be a person left who can deny it. They hate loser so much they would rather BRUTALLY murder innocents then admit defeat. I feel like I might of gone a bit off topic but my point is they are inhumane however there is no stopping there use now
—Guest Anymonous

no need

Of all the countries in the world America is the only country that used atomic bombs against its enemies. Shame on us. And we still call ourselves a "Christian" nation? When will we ever learn? As long as we maintain these bombs, other smaller countries will have reason to develop their own nuclear bombs. These bombs will never prove to be, as what military advocates say, a "deterrent." Why don't we just use our resources for better use and purpose, other than making bombs? I know many will say this plan is unrealistic, but we really have never tried. We always prefered to use violence to prove to the world that we are the most powerful country in the world. We even require as one of the major qualifications of someone becoming U.S. president, his or her support for war and violence as our way of establishing peace. Where's our logic here? I can't understand it. We're out of our minds.
—Guest jnriingen


Never under any circumstances should weapons of this mature be used - under any circumstances. To use the weapon to maintain peace - or the threat thereof - is to find the weapon has failed in it's intent. We as humans must disavow the use and even the existence of weapons of this nature. "Better Red than dead?" Probably. At least we would be alive and could then seek peace and the ultimate destruction of the weapon systems.
—Guest Cliff McCollum


War is a higher 1st class choice than my 2 Nd class choice. We pay for there dumbass funding
—Guest Guest


more than justifiable given the war crimes attributed to the rogue attributes of Japan.

very bad...........but good

its horrible that all those inecent people who didnt have a choice in surrendering died all those little children who didnt have a clue what was going on the mothers who had to watch their children burn alive to death who was screaming for help. but then again we dont know what would of happend if they hadnt dropped the bomb like the war could of of gone forever and in the end we would all be dead.
—Guest mouse


It may be bad by killing people but it also destroys OUR enemy!!!!!
—Guest Gjuguj

necessary evil

In the case of WWII, it was a good idea because WWII was relly horrible and it was killing millions of people and Japan wasn't surrendering and if we hadn't dropped the bombs it would have gone on. Howevr, we shouldn't just use atomic weapons unless it's completely necessary because they can do one heckuva lot of damage.
—Guest Guest of opinions

25 killstreak

Nuclear weapons & similar WMD's are a defining point of our world today. Even years after WWII, "They will use you, same as they have used me. The plan may be different, but the methods remain the same. You must decide Mason, decide what YOU think is worth fighting for!" -Cpt Viktor Reznov 1962
—Guest viktor Reznov


its a good way to end wars but it is also a bad weapon because of all the damage it produses and the radioactive fallout
—Guest spank the monkey


its bad......................................................................................................................
—Guest Dhanan

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How Do You Feel About The Use of Nuclear Weapons

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