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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About The Use of Nuclear Weapons

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its against humanity....if we all want to wipe ourself off ..then understandable....i wish this bomb should never be invented,,,,




It is very gud that the bomb was discovered to finush the country like pakistan
—Guest Shubham Sharma

Ruin without any sound

Bad,it's shame to us ...shame shame shame; atomic research can take us nowhere other than devastation...stop this save our planet
—Guest Guest new

not needed but very effective

its common sense that nukes are bad but at the time something had to be done and the choice was made and cant be undone now. there are more reasonable methods like (wo)man suggested and maybe we could have handled it better but we didnt so theres no turning back now. its war and like the saying goes everything happens for a reason.
—Guest awesomness


it is inhuman, it should not be used for any reason.
—Guest roberto dagal

Only if nessary

I think it isn't right to have hundreds of millions of years happening in a fraction of a secont for war effort. Sadly, it was used for war. Instead, they should use it to prevent nautral disasters! How, I don't know.
—Guest L. A. D.

very bad

almost all the people killed in the blasts were completely innocent members of the public who had nothing to do with the japan atrocities of WWII, they were normal people like you or me. and they didn't just die, alot of them died in incedibly grim circumstances, comparable to torture. The atomic bomb was a very bad use of nuclear technology and humankind will never be able to turn back
—Guest guest

It's bad

The use of nuclear weapons from any dimention of human reasoning is absolutely very bad,because we are not only talking about the massive loss of lives at the of its use,but equally considering its catastrophic effect on the future(innocent)generation

very bad

US was totally wrong for dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, what so ever the reason, they should have not used atomic bomb, i think the act was just to test and know the capacity of the weapon; because there were no reasons to justify the use of such deadly weapons.
—Guest japheth

You know what?

We shouldn't use nukes. Our world leaders should grow a pair of balls and fight each other in manly fist fights of manliness. WWIII shouldn't have nukes. We'll have Presidents against Dictators, (wo)men against (wo)men! Why have nukes that will wipe out more lives than the number of pubic hairs you have, when we could have a reason to get badass leaders! Battles in the courts should also be like this. Love you~! ♥
—Guest (Wo)Man

Bombs were great!!!!

Everyone forgets the tens of millions of people who were tortured, raped and murdered by barbarians.For their sake and sacrifice, we will never forget...Japan and Germany got everything they deserved. Its shame we didn't have the bomb earlier, millions would have been saved.
—Guest Jap attrocities


I fear that the first iristsponciple nut with single statis power like hitler had could start the ball rolling and entice others of simular nature to respond in the same way.
—Guest Anthony Mclean


nukes are ok to have becuz its less likely to be a war if one contry has a nuke but on the otherhand the weaker countries that dnt have nukes are scewed..........................oh yea nuclear holocuast....that wud suck!!!!!
—Guest ant


It was helpful to my research and thanks for your infromation that you gave me.
—Guest Cw

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