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Readers Respond: The Best Inventor Service Providers

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I need recommendations for good invention companies that can help me patent and sell my invention.
—Guest Jose

My experience and gut

I crafted my own patent app in 2001 -- using a similar patent on the USPTO.gov website as a template. You'd be 100% protected with that hard evidence of your filing. You will definitely get a "Office Action" from the USPTO -- and that's when you need to contact a patent attny (...jibberish fron the USPTO). You'll need to do your own exhaustive patent search with summaries; your own drawings (very detailed artwork); you need a ton of BS to fill-out the application. Only a real patent attny would bother with it all that -- and I imagine the initial app is worth several thousand at least -- it's a lot of work! I abandoned my patent app by the time the office action came in (6 mo. later). I'm about to do it again. Maybe this time I'll have an Attny just approve my initial application -- after I've done most of the hard work -- and gotten a non-disclosure from them. That should save some money. My 2 cents.
—Guest RonpinTX

Who are the best inventor companies?

Who are the best inventor companies? What companies are most reputable?


Thanks for the help. This is something that i have been looking into for some time now.
—Guest Brandon


Can.u tell me that lambert and lambert is 1 of the top companies for inventions
—Guest jacki fascilla


I see all of these questions posted, but, where are the answers?
—Guest jrogers

Best Inventor Service and Worst

I'm trying to find a good Inventor Service for my invention, but now I read that there are alot of spammers out there. Who are the best and who should I stay away from.
—Guest mfineandandi@aol.com

Reliable inventor services

Who are some of the most reliable and trusted inventor service providers?

need info 4 legit invention company

need info 4 legit invention company...i need good reccomendations for my idea and it will work great just dont want to waste time n money...
—Guest jasmine

invention companies

I have an idea. What are the best companies out there to move forward with?

Need help getting my idea out there

I have a great idea combining 2 products, who can i trust???
—Guest Madmax


—Guest TISHA

Invention Assistance

I would like to know what BBB Companies would you recommend for Invention help
—Guest Andy

top 3 chices

can someone recommend the top 3 companies for deeloping a prototype?
—Guest jennifer lapoint

The Creative Group Marketing

They evaluated my toy for a very low fee.I found whet they told me very useful
—Guest Reader

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