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Readers Respond: The Best Inventor Service Providers

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Idea Design Studio

I've been working Marvin, he's been great, straightforward and consistent......my kinda guy!
—Guest Mike J

lambert and lambert

They are legitt company. . All they ask for is 200 dollors for processing fees. After that they dont get paid until you do.
—Guest parnell26


Crooks, Run!Total scam.From former sucker.Do not give up any of your hard earned money,it's total rip-off.Beware
—Guest Gerry


The Mars Rising Network 888-627-7747 DAWN - The lady (Dawn) is an intelligent lady. Dawn works as an assistant to the owner of the company. After a few moments when asked if she was just an answering service when I called on the weekend she also released that she was the owners/inventor assistant. At that point I started to explain what my reasons for calling were using causality with the appropriate analogies relating to the reason for the call. A specific point was that I have access to the proper legal assistance wherein I can make Iron-clad agreements with who I do business with. I always like to let whomever I am doing business with know in advance that my contracts are necessary to sign in order for them to do business with me. From that moment and during that moment the conversation stopped being a dialogue and became an act of belligerence on both of our parts as we both acted like two two year olds that needed to get some sleep. I will not speak again with them.
—Guest inventor

The Mars Rising Network

I just had them do a 3 D Animation video and Executive summary and use their website of manufactures and distributors to find a licensing agreement. They are doing my patent work as well. I highly recommend their services.
—Guest Mike V.

to all

do not go with any of these companies find an investor or a group of them that believe in your product ant they will make it happen1!!
—Guest fcantu7


Idea Design Studios...they are the real deal..Marvin Powell III was a formr NFL player as was his father. I've gotten to know him in my invention process and the team..3700.00 patent search in process and were off..great work and I do all the communication with potential buyers....NO BULL
—Guest susan


I just payed 2700.00 to ideadesignstudio today Marvin was so convincing ... did I just get ripped off? Can they deliver? I'm living pay check to paycheck and this was a huge financial risk... was I wrong? My email is idigapit.bull@gmail.com someone please tell me I didn't just take food out of my children's mouth's
—Guest bec

Invention assistance

does anyone know about innovate-design.co.uk?? can anyone recommande this uk company!!


I have had my invention assistance thorugh The Mars Rising Network.com.....they have great pricing and are honest with their business practice...888-627-7747.../they have hundreds of testimonials and personal attention is what they provide.
—Guest Steven H


I second your opinion guys. Had same experience with Davison. Bad company. Nothing straight. Lots of brain washing. Avoid.
—Guest JP

Idea Design Studio

They provided fantastic design and marketing materials. Helped with discount patent fees and even provide a system to present your idea to companies.
—Guest Frank

need a question answer....

the president made a statement about helping inventors....get new invention out.does that help inventors now? because i'm dealing with "invents company"???
—Guest curtis

can I trust?

can I trust Invents company?! they claim to have brought out the tipsy turvy and ped egg and many other similar inventions! but they've been a company since feb.2011!! anyone?!
—Guest Maria


I had a talk with Davison and they sent me literature. I could tell from the get go they were full of CRAP!! It was too easy to talk with them and i never got any "straight" answers. I still have 5 inventions already made up just have to find an investor. It wont be Davison!!!!
—Guest Rocco


The Best Inventor Service Providers

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