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Readers Respond: Your Opinion about Anonymous & V for Vendetta Mask

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From the article: V For Vendetta
It has become a modern icon of the Anonymous and Occupy movements. The stylized Guy Fawkes mask, with its pale skin, thin moustache and goatee. It is the best selling mask on eBay and Amazon. What does the mask worn in V for Vendetta represent to you? Would you wear one and why or why not?

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I would NOT wear it. 2 reasons. 1: I would want people to know that a viable WORKING person opposes., and WHO that person is who has a LOGICALLY DEFENDABLE position on what is being opposed; and 2: Very cowardly to not let people you oppose know who you are and why you oppose and "occupy" ( to me trespass on) private property
—Guest David Cornwell


i wold defiantly do it maby even though it is illeagal for adults to it shows braveness .
—Guest guest123


Yes I would because it is a symbol of freedom, a symbol against oppression, a symbol against fear, a symbol towards a brighter future
—Guest I am you


Beware the cyclops! Her name is Ms. Stephens and she needs a wank.
—Guest Student

Yes I would

Im angry that it is now illegal for an adult to wear a mask in public. So I would wear one.
—Guest Mask wearer

Yes I would

I think would wear the v mask to show solidarity. It proves a point which is we all stand together and we dont need one leader since we are all leaders?
—Guest masked Man


I love this mask. And I love the concept behind it. It represent freedom to me and maybe safety in numbers as well. I have been to Occupy wall street but Im not sure if I could wear it there since people have been arrested while wearing it.
—Guest Anoymous

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Your Opinion about Anonymous & V for Vendetta Mask

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