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Getting To The Social

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

During the mid-eighties the Patent and Trademark Office reformed patent law to allow for patents on software. Learn how Google, Facebook and other social media platforms were invented.

The Stories, The Lives
Inventors Spotlight10

The Invention of Radio

An outline of the development of radio technology - radio owes its development to two other inventions the telegraph and the telephone.

The History of Bubble and Chewing Gum

A little chewing gum history from Thomas Adams and tire chicle to the Diemer's first bubble gum.

Who Invented Synthetic Meat?

Cloning stem cells scientist have been able to grow synthetic meat, the first step towards kill-free hamburger?

Who Invented the Selfie?

Several people have laid claim to being the inventor of the selfie. Let's take a look at the history of the selfie, the impact of the selfie on society, selfie addiction, and can anyone really claim to be the inventor.

History of Lasers

Information on laser history including the Ruby and Maser Laser Gordon Gould Arthur Schawlow Theodore Maiman

Tea History

The history of tea and tea drinking customs and who invented tea bags

Kid Inventions

We are proud to present a showcase for kid inventions from children K-6 chosen from the Kid's Forum at Blue Print Earth.

How to Do a Patent Search For New Inventors and Students

Finding patents with a patent search is almost like being a detective.

Bad Predictions

Some of the greatest inventions in the world at one point in time received bad predictions that they would not succeed.

Timeline of Inventions

Timeline of inventions - complete with leads to detailed articles and photos

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