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Valerie Thomas - 1943 to present
Valerie Thomas
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Valerie Thomas
Valerie Thomas
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~ Mary Bellis

Valerie Thomas received a patent in 1980 for inventing an illusion transmitter. This futuristic invention extends the idea of television, with its images located flatly behind a screen, to having three dimensional projections appear as though they were right in your living room. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, the illusion transmitter will be as popular as the TV is today.

Valerie Thomas worked as a mathematical data analyst for NASA after receiving a degree in physics. She later served as project manager for the development of NASA's image-processing system on Landsat, the first satellite to send images from outer space. In addition to having worked on several other high-profile NASA projects, Valerie Thomas continues to be an outspoken advocate for minority rights.

Valerie Thomas received U.S. patent #4,229,761 on October 21, 1980 for her illusion transmitter.

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Photo Provided by NASA

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