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The Discovery of Insulin - The History of Diabetes Treatment
Frederick Banting discovered insulin was a treatment for diabetes.Frederick Banting discovered insulin was a treatment for diabetes.


Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. It was isolated in 1921-22 at the University of Toronto. The scientists involved in the research were Dr. Fredrick Banting, Charles Best (a medical student at the time of the discovery), Professor J. J. R. Macleod and Dr. James Collip. On June 3, 1934, Dr Frederick Banting the co-inventor of insulin was knighted for his medical discovery.

Insulin Process
Discovery of Insulin
Brief biographies of the scientists (Banting, Best, Macleod and Collip) surrounding the discovery of insulin and treatments for diabetes. It provides descriptions of their experiments via a scrapbook of old newspaper clippings, pictures, and a voice recording. There is a list of books,videos, and links available on the subject of diabetes.
Insulin Process
Banting, Macleod, Best and Collip invented the process for insulin in 1922 which became the treatment for diabetes.
A Great Canadian Breakthrough: The Discovery of Insulin

Helen Free and the Home Diabetes Test
Helen Free
Helen Free invented the home diabetes test.
Helen Free
In the mid-1940s, Alfred Free and Helen Murray were both chemists working together in the biochemistry research group at Miles Laboratories, Inc. Married in 1947, they continued their collaboration, becoming two of the world's leading experts on urinalysis the highlight of which was Helen Free's invention of the home diabetes test.

Seeking Medical Knowledge about Diabetes and Insulin?
Diabetes at About
The best of online resources for diabetes patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers, from your Guide to diabetes, Paula Ford-Martin.
Seniors and Diabetes
Information about the risks of diabetes on the health of seniors. Includes information about the complications of diabetes, including periodontal disease, heart disease, foot care and stroke.
Diabetes and Eating Disorders
Researchers have discovered a link between Eating Disorders and Diabetes.

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Medical Innovations
Women Inventors

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Frederick Banting Image courtesy of Arthur S. Goss / National Archives of Canada / PA-123481.

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