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Fly Swatter

The following article refers to the first use of the term " fly swatter " - devices for killing flies by a swat object have been around a very long time and no one knows who invented the first one. However, Frank Rose was the first person to market a fly swatter under the name of fly swatter.

Fly Swatter
In 1905, Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine, a member of the Kansas State Board of Health, set out to rid the state of a bumper crop of flies and combat the public’s indifference to the pests. While attending a Topeka softball game, Crumbine was inspired by the crowd’s chant of "swat the ball." The next issue of his Fly Bulletin bore the headline "SWAT THE FLY." This in turn inspired a school teacher, Frank H. Rose to construct a device from a yardstick and a piece of screen. The holes in the screen were essential because a fly can sense the air pressure of a solid object like a hand. Rose called his invention a "fly bat." Dr. Crumbine renamed it "fly swatter."

Other Fly Killers
Fly killer - fly swatter
Advertisement for "The King Fly Swatter" from 1901, June, issue of Ladies Home Journal.

The above text reads:
The King Fly Killer - Kills Without Crushing - Soils Nothing
The wire being almost invisible the flies and mosquitos are quickly killed, thus clearing your house of them in only a few minutes. A prominent lady has said, " It is the most prized article in my home."

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