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Genetic Engineering
Herbert Boyer, Stanley Cohen

In 1973, Stanely Cohen and Herbert Boyer, invented the technique of DNA cloning, which allowed genes to be transplanted between different biological species.Their discovery signaled the birth of genetic engineering.

Cloning of Genetically Engineered Molecules
Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen were the founding fathers of genetic engineering - Invention Dimension.

Biotech Pioneers Win The 1996 Lemelson-MIT Prize
DNA trailblazers Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen received half-million dollars for their efforts in invention and innovation.

Their work led to the founding of companies such as Genentech, Inc.. Herbert Boyer is a director of Genentech, Inc., which he co-founded in 1976 with Robert Swanson.

Genetic Engineering News (GEN)
The leader in biotechnology information.

History of Genetics - Gregor Mendel 
In the mid-1800s, Austrian monk Gregor Mendel revolutionized genetic science by employing precise pollination methods and statistical analysis. Mendel's pioneering methods allowed scientists later to determine how specific traits could be inherited into subsequent generations and to "coax" plants to swap traits they wouldn't readily exchange in nature.

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*Reprinted from Nature Bulletin No. 334-A   March 1, 1969 Forest Preserve District of Cook County George W. Dunne, President Roland F. Eisenbeis, Supt. of Conservation

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