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Edward Lowe - Kitty Litter
"My life has been a testimony to the credo of the entrepreneur. People like me who have lived the dream should share their knowledge with others, because if private sector business doesn't help–then the American entrepreneur won't survive..." - Edward Lowe

Mr. Edward Lowe (1920-1995) was an entrepreneur who created a whole new product with his invention of cat-box filler. He made the trademark Kitty Litter ® a part of the American vocabulary.

Edward Lowe was born July 10, 1920 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Lowe served in the U.S. Navy from 1941 to 1945. After the Navy, Lowe worked for his father selling industrial absorbents, including products such as sawdust and an absorbent clay called Fuller's Earth. Edward Lowe's neighbor Kay Draper asked for a replacement for the ashes she was using in her cat box. (George Plitt first packaging ashes from burned wood for cats to use.) Her cat was trailing ashy paw prints all over her home and she was hoping for a cleaner alternative. Ed Lowe suggested that she use absorbent clay, she did and loved it. 
In 1947, Edward Lowe decided to package the clay in 5lb bags marked "kitty litter" to sell in a local pet store. The store owner did not think the product would sell for the asking price of sixty-five cents, sand for cat boxes was very cheap. Ed Lowe convinced the store owner to display his product and give it away. Soon, the customers were willing to pay for more kitty litter.

Edward Lowe continued to distribute his kitty litter from the back of his car while traveling around the country. Lowe even cleaned the cat boxes at cat show in exchange for booth space to demonstrate his kitty litter at the shows.

Lowe founded the Edward Lowe Industries, Inc. to mass manufacture and distribute the successful kitty litter products.
Edward Lowe experimented with additives to improve the performance of his kitty litter products. In 1964, Edward Lowe created the Tidy Cat ® brand of kitty litter.

In 1984, biochemist Thomas Nelson invented the first clumping kitty litter.

Edward Lowe Foundation
The Edward Lowe Foundation, headquartered at Cassopolis, Michigan, was established by Edward Lowe in 1985.

About Edward Lowe
Trying to help a neighbor in 1947, he "brought the cat indoors" by creating Kitty Litter from clay he was using for an industrial absorbent. 

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