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Polio Vaccine - Jonas Salk (1914- 1995)

Jonas Salk was born in New York City, the son of Jewish Russian immigrants. Salk received an advanced degree in microbiology at NYU's School of Medicine, where he tried to develop an influenza vaccine. In 1947, Jonas Salk was assigned as University of Pittsburgh's' Director of Virus Research, where he developed the Polio vaccine.

Polio Vaccine - Jonas Salk
In 1947, Jonas Salk became the head of the Virus Research Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. He worked on improving the flu vaccine and began to study poliovirus with hopes of creating a vaccine against that disease, as well.

Virologist - Jonas Salk
Many scientists were racing to make a polio vaccine in the '50s--but he got there first.

Polio Vaccine
Jonas Edward Salk, developer of the first successful polio vaccine, was born on October 28, 1914 in New York City.

Salk Produces Polio Vaccine - 1952
Jonas Salk, M.D - Biography
Dr. Jonas Salk - Biography
Jonas Salk M.D. Physician and Research Scientist

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