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Young Inventors
Part 6: peace bombs -  Fred-Judice - Compromise - O- Matic - Smog-No-More - Robot Cycler - Litter Patrol-Caitie.
young inventor school invention
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By Mary Bellis

We are proud to present a showcase for young inventors K-6 chosen from the Kid's Forum at Blue Print Earth. We hope you enjoy the ideas expressed here and join us in supporting the next generation of young inventors. Individual young inventors can be contacted through their teachers.

Fred - Judice

Fred-Judice is the anti-prejudice bear. Teaches your kids the right not he wrong. He's a teddy bear that is basically ugly but has beautiful treasures to be discovered inside. Cost free!

Young inventors - Gobles Middle School

Compromise - O- Matic Printer
young inventor school invention
Created by young inventors Nicki, Kathy, Kelly and Elizabeth

War is caused by the fighting between two or more forces for power. The solution is to try to have the two rivals try to come to a peaceful compromise. Cost is $500.

Created by David Beach, Jon Rayman, Corey Manueczak & Ben Norddrock
Gobles Middle School

The Garbage Bag By Peter & Bubba
young inventor school invention
One neighbor asked another neighbor if he borrow garbage bags to throw away old TV and all that came out when dumped was one thin sheet of waste. Call now for a free sample. Cost: $10,000. Call now at 18006240000

Created by Peter Otis and Bubba Sparkes
Young inventors - Gobles Middle School

Robot Cycler by Tony Portugal
young inventor school invention

I will build small robots that will go around a city and pick up any trash. If any material that it picks up can be recycled, it will be put into recycling sections inside of his body. It also can be used as a recycling bin for anybody who is throwing something away. It looks like a garbage can that has four arms, wheels on the bottom of it. The wheels can rotate to let it go in any direction), special-made sensors to look for recyclable materials, and it has an opening on top of it for the garbage (it automatically separates the materials and puts them into the sections they belong to.)

Young inventors - Deerfield Beach Middle School

SMOG - NO- MORE by Russ Colombo
young inventor school inventionThis illustrious new invention decreases the amount of smog emitted into the air. It is a series of tubes with a filtration building. The tubes are attached to the smoke stacks and pick up the smog. These tubes have miniature filtration devices that remove gases from the smog. The knobs locate these areas. It travels through this tube until it reaches the Smog-No-More building, which transforms it into oxygen. It is then let out through another tube into the air. This stops the smog from floating into the atmosphere and causing further destruction. This invention benefits all mankind.

Young inventors - Deerfield Beach Middle School

Smart Trash Recycling Bin by Ravina Dhanraj
young inventor school inventionI think this could be a solution to the problem of people not recycling. If every house, apartment had a machine built into them, like the one I am going to describe, then it would be easier. It would be a little cabinet where you just put the trash into it and it would automatically separate the things that could be recycled from the trash. The things that could be recycled would go through pipes that are connected to the house that goes to the recycling plant.

Young inventors - Deerfield Beach Middle School
young inventor school invention

Litter Patrol-Caitie from DBMS by Caitie O'Connell
On everything there would be a scan tag. It would be connected to the Litter Patrol's radio. When the garbage is thrown on the ground, the Litter Patrol will be notified. Their radio will tell them the address. They will go there and give the person a ticket.

young inventor school invention

Young inventors - Deerfield Beach Middle School

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