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Find: A to Z Inventors Biographies

Top 10 Most Popular Inventors
You ask for them over and over... So I've put them together on one page for your convenience, the top ten most requested inventors.

Inventor of the Week Biography Archives
The history and biography of many greats are listed here including my favorite biographies on Nikola Tesla and Hedy Lamarr.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame - Biography List
Alphabetical index of inventors, each link has a short biography, history, picture, and list of patents.

IdeaFinder - History Hall of Fame - Biography
Every month a different inventor history and biography is profiled, thirty-two histories to date - a page on each with recommended books.

Biography Dot Com
Over 20,000 biographies of famous names - Begin your search by clicking on find.

Biographies of Famous Mechanical Engineers
From Archimedes to Linus Yale, the famous mechanical engineers who patented many wonderful inventions. A brief biography and history on each engineer.

Chemical Achievers - Chemical Hall of Fame
Inventions related to chemistry and famous chemists.

Who Is Your Favorite Inventor?
Tell us who your favorite inventor is and why?

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