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John Standard

John Standard - Refrigerator Design


African American Inventor John Standard :

An improved refrigerator design was patented by African American inventor John Standard of Newark, New Jersey on June 14 1891 (U.S. patent #455,891). John Standard was also received U.S. patent #413,689 on October 29 1889 for an improved oil stove.

John Standard - Refrigerator :

In his patent for the refrigerator John Standard declared, "this invention relates to improvements in refrigerators; and it consists of certain novel arrangements and combinations of parts." John Standard was saying that he had found a way to improve the design of refrigerators. A non-electrical and unpowered design, Standard's refrigerator made in 1891 used a manually-filled ice chamber for chilling.

John Standard - Oil Stove :

John Standard's oil stove was a space-saving design that he suggested could be used for buffet style meals on trains.

History of the Refrigerator:

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