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Forrest Bird

Forrest Bird invented a fluid control device, respirator & pediatric ventilator


Forrest Bird

Forrest Bird Patent #3,842,828 Respirator

In 1921, Forrest Bird was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Forrest Bird is best known as the inventor of the first practical mass-produced medical respirator.

Forrest Bird Invents an Improved Respirator

During World War II, Forrest Bird served in the Army Air Corps and became an able airplane, jet, and helicopter pilot. At that time, new designs in airplanes allowed for flight at higher altitudes, however, gear was now needed that would allow pilots to breathe at a higher altitude. These experiences began Forrest Bird life-long research into respirators. He studied medicine and became a doctor. Over the years, Forrest Bird developed Aircrew Breathing Regulators and anti “g” devices.

In 1954, Forrest Bird founded the Bird Products Corporation to market and develop his respirator devices. By 1955, Forrest Bird had perfected the Bird Universal Medical Respirator for acute or chronic cardiopulmonary care. It was the first universal mass-produced medical respirator and was sold under the tradename of the Bird Mark 7 Respirator.

"Babybird" Respirator

Nicknamed the "Babybird" respirator, Forrest Bird invented a pediatric respirator in 1970 that greatly reduced infant mortality for babies with respiratory problems.

Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation

By the 1980s, Forrest Bird invented the Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation or IPV, a major advance in mechanical cardiopulmonary care.

In 1992, the V.I.P Bird Infant Pediatric System was introduced. The TBird Ventilator Series is the first and only ventilator that is truly mobile.

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