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Chinese Inventions

Learn about ancient Chinese inventions and technology and the history of Chinese inventors. Learn about the kite, chopsticks, umbrellas, gunpowder, firecrackers, the steelyard, abacus, cloisonn鬠ceramics, papermaking and more.

Gunpowder History
Alchemists were the major force behind the early invention of gunpowder.

The Earliest Seismoscope was Chinese
The Chinese philosopher Chang Hêng invented the earliest known seismoscope (also called a seismograph and used for earthquake detection) in 132 A.D.

History of Early Fireworks and Fire Arrows
The early history of fireworks and the first rockets - the Chinese fire arrows.

Chinese Invention of The Compass
The magnetic compass is an old Chinese invention.

Great Chinese Inventions
This book review discusses the history of Chinese engineering feats and agricultural achievements.

Chinese Inventions
The history of Chinese papermaking, printmaking, gunpowder and the compass.

The History of the Wheelbarrow
Chuko Liang of China is considered to be the inventor of the wheelbarrow.

Chinese Invention of India Ink
The Chinese invented and perfected Indian Ink.

Chinese Invention of Gunpowder or Huoyao
Chinese alchemists were the major force behind the early history of gunpowder.

Tea Drinking and the Tea Shredder
The Chinese were the first to drink tea and invented special devices used in the preparation of tea beverages.

The History of Chopsticks
Chinese people have been using kuaizi as one of the main tableware for more than 3,000 years.

The Chinese and the History of Paper
Paper was invented by Cai Lun in 105 AD, which was one of the four great achievement of the ancient Chinese. Cai Lun was a Chinese eunuch. In 751, some Chinese paper makers were captured by Arabs after Tang troops were annihilated in the Battle of Talas River. The techniques of paper making then spread to the West.

Chinese Inventions (Lesson Plan)
A common stereotype is that the Chinese traditionally lack scientific and technological ability, however, they invented paper money, umbrellas, wheelbarrows, multistage rockets, brandy and whiskey, and chess.

"Small Piece Picker-uppers"
Kuai Zi (Kuu-aye Tzu) means in English "small piece picker-uppers" or chopsticks. The number and variety of inventions made by the Chinese over the centuries is a powerful testament to their practicality and ability to think logically.

The Chinese were the first people to ever make and fly kites.

Chien-Shiung Wu
Devised an experiment by which one of the basic laws of physics called parity conservation was overturned, an achievement that revolutionized the study of particle physics.

Chinese Inventions and Remedies
Some of the greatest things in the world were by made by the Chinese.

Asian American Inventors
A few of the contributions of Asian American inventors.

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