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Timeline of Cathode Ray Tube


Parts of a Cathode Ray Tube

Parts of a Cathode Ray Tube

A cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube that produces images when its phosphorescent surface is struck by electron beams.


German, Heinrich Geissler invents the Geissler tube, created using his mercury pump this was the first good evacuated (of air) vacuum tube later modified by Sir William Crookes.


German mathematician and physicist, Julius Plucker experiments with invisible cathode rays. Cathode rays were first identified by Julius Plucker.


Englishmen, Sir William Crookes was the first person to confirm the existence of cathode rays by displaying them, with his invention of the Crookes tube, a crude prototype for all future cathode ray tubes.


German, Karl Ferdinand Braun invents the CRT oscilloscope - the Braun Tube was the forerunner of today's television and radar tubes.


Vladimir Kosma Zworykin invented a cathode ray tube called the kinescope - for use with a primitive television system.


Allen B. Du Mont made the first commercially practical and durable CRT for television.

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