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Benjamin Carson

A Pioneering Surgeon Benjamin Carson


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Dr. Benjamin Carson has written over ninety neurosurgical publications. He has been awarded 24 honorary degrees and numerous national citations of merit. Carson has written three best selling books, Gifted Hands, Think Big. and The Big Picture. Currently, Benjamin Carson serves as the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. In 1987, he gained world-wide recognition as the principal surgeon in the twenty-two hour separation of the Binder Siamese twins from Germany.

Benjamin Carson was born into poverty and as a young child was doing poorly in school. His father abandoned the family when Benjamin Carson was eight, however, his mother encouraged him to learn, and he was transformed from a fifth-grade "dummy" into a top scholar.

Dr. Benjamin Carson obtained a scholarship to Yale University, then graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. At 33, Benjamin Carson became the youngest ever chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the U.S., and developed techniques that have saved the lives of hundreds of children.

This pioneering surgeon has received many honors and is an extraordinary role model, who has, in his own words, "overcome rage, racism and poverty" to reach the greatest heights of his profession.

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