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Domain Names & Trademark Law

Can a domain name or web url be trademark registered?

USPTO Examination Guide for Domain Names
Applications for registration of marks consisting of domain names are subject to the same requirements as all other applications for federal trademark registration. If the proposed mark is used in a way that would be perceived as nothing more than an address at which the applicant can be contacted, registration must be refused.

USPTO Trademark Law Concerning Domain Names
Internet domain names raise some unique trademark issues. A mark comprised of an Internet domain name is registrable as a trademark or service mark only if it functions as an identifier of the source of goods or services.

Domain Names and Trademarks FAQ
When does an Internet domain name qualify as a trademark? How can I find out whether a trademark I want to use as a domain name is already being used? What happens if there is a conflict between an Internet domain name and an existing trademark? Can a business trademark a domain name for future use?

Can You Trademark a Domain Name?
The short answer is that it depends if you are using your domain name as a trademark.

Domain Name Law & Domain Name Disputes
Just because a domain name is available does not mean that you can use it without incurring liability for trademark infringement.

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